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Effective on 17th December 2009.

CASHSNS Privacy Policy

Upon using or accessing CASH SNS (or the “Site” hereafter), you agree to the following privacy policy.

Information We Receive

When you log into CASH SNS, you provide us with 2 types of information, including information about yourself you would like to be public, and information we collect when you interact with CASH SNS.

When you sign up for CASH SNS, you provide us with your personal information, such as your name, Email, contact number, address, gender, schools, and other private or preferences.

When you access CASH SNS, we may collect information from your type of the browser and IP address, and we will do the same on every user in the Site. In addition, we use “Cookies” to store some data in your browser. The purpose of cookies is to store users’ information in their computers. We also use “session ID Cookies” to confirm that users are logged into CASH SNS. These cookies will not be used after closing the browser. We use cookies to store your login ID (but never your password) to make ease of your login. You can remove or block cookies by using the settings in your browser if you do not like it.

When you use the features in the Site, you will also be able to set your personal information, establish a connection, send a massage, find/search information, create a group or event, add an application, and share information by different channels. We will store these data to provide customized services or functions to you. In most cases, we store data, for example, you can check your sent messages or your favorite friend lists. When you update data, we will store a backup within a reasonable period for retrieval.

You must have or accept any liability whatsoever for any legal obligation arising or resulting from any of the content (see definition at “Terms & Conditions of Use”) you share on CASH SNS. Although setting privacy option in the site can block access on unauthorized users, please be informed that there are no perfect security systems. If you choose to share your profile or information with other users, we cannot and do not ensure your content be secured and read by some unauthorized people. We shall not have or accept any liability for any fraudulences whatsoever arising or resulting from any privacy settings. You understand and accept that your backup copies can be seen by, even you have removed and deleted information on CASH SNS, screen-cap and saved web pages.

According to 「Terms & Conditions of Use」, inappropriately collecting or abusing information on CASH SNS is not allowed, and should be reported through Email. When you invite friends from CASH SNS, we will request some necessary information to send invitation Emails, such as your friends’ Email addresses. At most two invitation Emails or instant messages with your name will be sent to your friends to serve for invitation. Your friends can ask us to delete the data from our database by Email.

CASH SNS may collect your information from other sources to provide more useful information and customized services to you, such as news, blogs, and instant message services.

You expressly agreed that your related data will be transferred to Hong Kong SAR as a result of your using the CASH SNS.

Posting on Public Places on the Site

What public places mean places in CASHSNS that are accessible to general public, and which can be indexed by search engine. If you choose to discloser personal information in the public place, you should take extra cautious and be reminded that those information might be stored in the area that can be accessed forever.

Gathering Information by CASHSNS

After the registration of CASH SNS, you can set your personal information and privacy preference. Your personal information, name, Email and photos will only be shared with those people whom you specify in privacy settings. Upon registration with CASH SNS, you could give express instruction to not receiving any marketing information from CASH SNS and/or its associated companies. If you agree or if you do not disagree, we will use your name and email address to send you information on services which you may be interested in or other information which you approved.

In some cases your personal information will be added by other users on CASH SNS depending on your privacy settings.

The user who can access to your personal information in CASHSNS should be one of the domains (e.g. School, geographical, friends of friend) that you have set in the privacy preference. Your name, network name and profile picture thumbnail can appear in the search result of CASHSNS, and those the limited information may also be indexed by third party search engines. This is the main reason that your friends can find you and send you request. Information that shows in the search results can not access or save your personal information, unless they have a relationship with you (friends, friends of friends, members of the network, etc.) and to allow those people to access your personal information in your privacy settings.

We may gather information from other sources to supplement of your personal information, including but not limited to these sources in newspapers and network resources, such as blogs, instant messaging service, developers of CASHSNS, and other users in CASHSNS. We generally allow your designated privacy setting, including those activities that you do not have desire for us to do, or adopt other actions to limit the linkage with other users of personal information.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

CASH SNS will not provide your contact information to third parties without your permission. We will only share your information with third parties as a result of 1) service purposes, 2) legal issues or 3) your permission.

When you use CASH SNS, information including personal information, messages, photos, videos, or other information you post or share with third parties, for example, friends or others in the network, might be shared in a way that you set in your privacy preference. Personal information, comments, messages, photos, videos or other items may be collected by public.


CASHSNS may contain links to other Web sites. We certainly will not be responsible for the other site's privacy provisions. We encourage users to review privacy policy in other sites when they are leaving our Site. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the information gathered in CASHSNS.

Changing or Removing Information

By editing tools in the Site, you can save, amend, and control most of the personal information in CASHSNS. Users of CASHSNS can log into your account at any time to modify or delete any personal information. Information will be updated immediately. Users can disable the account in CASHSNS. Remove the information will remain within a reasonable period of time stored in the backup copy, but generally will not be accessed by other users of CASHSNS.

If, however, you use communication tools of the Site to share information with others (e.g. sending message to another user), such kind of information will be not removable.


CASH SNS to take appropriate measures to protect user information. Your account information is stored in a secure server on the firewall. E-mail and instant messaging communication is not considered safe, so we ask you not to send private information by e-mail or instant massager. If you have any enquires on security concern of CASHSN, do send us an email.

Terms of Use, Notifications and Amendments

Any disputes arising from the usage of CASHSNS must be conditionally limited by our privacy polices and Terms of Use, and all provisions of the resolution of the dispute, including limits in damages and the applicability of law of the contract. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy and Terms of use rights. Should there be a new policy, we will be posted on a specific page and marked with the new effective date. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that you owned or in your account.

Contact Us

Should you have any enquires of the privacy policy, please send us an email.

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